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Return Policy

When purchasing a new or unused item by mail order

・ If any defects (malfunction, damage to the exterior, etc.) are found before using the delivered product, we will accept the return of the product or exchange for an equivalent product.

If we inspect the condition of the arrived product and confirm that it is malfunctioning, we will return or exchange it.

However, the following cases will not be returned or exchanged.

・ When adjusting the size of the presslet

・ If there is evidence that it has been used even once

・ Products ordered at the request of the customer

・ When the reason is the customer's convenience, such as a difference in image such as color and size

・ When the reason is the content related to the product status that can be confirmed in the product information on the homepage

Return policy

It is a service that starts from our desire to solve such worries and anxieties associated with online shopping and to make it easier for more customers to use it.

Please apply from the return acceptance form within 2 days after the item arrives (starting from the estimated arrival date stated in the email), and return it within 4 days.

If the following return conditions are met, the product price will be refunded.

* New, unused, and ordered items cannot be returned.

* Leather belts, etc. that have been replaced at the request of the customer will not be returned. We will refund the amount after deducting the leather belt price.

* Please apply from the return acceptance form within 2 days of the arrival date of the product (the estimated arrival date stated in the shipping notification email sent by us), and complete the return procedure within 4 days.

* Customers are responsible for the return and transfer fees. We will transfer the amount after deducting the transfer fee.

Return method

1 application

Please apply from the return reception form

* We do not accept phone calls or visits. ‥

We will contact you by e-mail after confirming that the item you wish to return meets the return conditions.

2 Pack the product

Please pack the returned product in a cardboard box.

When you receive the notification of the completion of the preliminary examination from us, please pack the product and send it.

When the product arrives at our company, we will not be able to accept returns if it is damaged or broken, so please pack it carefully so that there is no gap when packing.

3 delivery

Please hand it to the courier.

Please hand the returned item to the courier within 4 days after the item arrives.

The shipping fee will be borne by the customer, so please send it in advance.

4 Examination

We will judge at our shop.

After the item arrives, we will examine whether it meets the return conditions.

5 refund

We will process refunds and cancellations.